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RunIt! is a free Windows utility for complete, quick and simple managing of your computer. Every program, document, file, folder,... you can activate/run by keyboard clicking (default Alt + Space) and simple entering part of searched document name.


All installation is in file RunIt.exe. If You want to install this program download this file and run it localy on your computer. RunIt! will be automatically installed on your computer - trough installation you only need to select few simple options.

Last version - RunIt! 0.1 beta (download here)

Attention! Last made public version is Beta version. Use it at own risk only.


Uninstall - for uninstalling or repearing run RunIt.exe with -i parameter (RunIt.exe -i).

Browse your disks - type c: and press tab, then type part of file/folder name,...

Calculator - you can simple type mathematical term and you will se result in detail area.

Calendar - type date/time term and you will get date details.

what is new

0.1 Beta 1, 04/15/2009
- catalog
- calculator & calendar
- robot
- computer browser
- first public version


Will be fill up in html and pdf file format shortly.


ME & V & AN


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